Bridging the Gap
Datamed® Format Translators or DatamedFT™ translate EKG Data from one cardiology vendor's transmission format to another. These vendor "bridges" allow normally incompatible devices and systems to communicate thus allowing medical institutions the flexibility of "best-in-breed" buying for diagnostic or monitoring devices and EKG Data Management Systems; extending the useful life of EKG devices and opening opportunities for equipment cost savings.
EKG Management System
Front End Acquisition
Manufacturers of EKG, Imaging or Medical Data Management Systems may not manufacture their own cardiographs or EKG acquisition devices. DatamedFT™ opens additional markets for these systems manufacturers by providing a front end interface with compatibility to other vendor's cardiographs and EKG acquisition devices.
In addition, our DatamedRcv™ line of EKG Data receivers opens the door to acquisition devices previously incompatible to many EKG Management Systems.
EKG Data Migration
As host systems are replaced by different vendor host systems, the need also exists for translation and migration of the legacy EKGs and data from one vendor's system to another vendor's system. The same format translation technologies used by DatamedFT™ can also applied to data migrations between these different vendors' technologies.
Upcoming Events
Datamed, LLC will be represented at these events over the coming year. Contact us if you would like to schedule a meeting or a demonstration and see what DatamedFT™ can do for you.

ACC 2016
April 2-4, 2016
Chicago, IL, USA

ESC 2016
27-31 August, 2016

The Missing Link '79
Datamed AHA 1979
Shows come and shows go, and so do many good ideas at the time. Others fill that unrecogonized gap in an industry and build upon it. Such has been the idea for Datamed® EKG Format Translators. Over more than 30 years, Datamed® has evolved from add on boxes to integrated software solutions to become the universal translator for cardiology data acquisition.